Mydorable Berries
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Berry-flavour jellies made with 52% real fruits (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry). Gluten-free and without gelatin!




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Sweet blackcurrants, sweet strawberries and sweet raspberries are the result of a work far more meticulous than one may expect at first sight.

It begins with the rigorous selection of the berries suitable for candying. Moreover, the picking must be done at the right time, when the acidity, taste and sugar of the fruit reach a fine balance.

Then, our artisan confectioner has to take 9 steps: soaking the fruits in boiling water, grinding and sieving, reduction, cooking in a copper cauldron, moulding, cooling and sugar coating to protect our berries from dryness or from the agglomeration of the fruits jellies together.

We never use gelatin as it is not necessary if you use enough fruits!

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Casual, Kraft

Net weight: 300g
Use by: minimum 3 months after delivery date.

Ingredients: Fruit pulp 52%, (apricots 22%, blueberry 22% or strawberry 22% or raspberry 22%, apple 8%), sugar, wheat glucose syrup, natural flavours (blueberry or strawberry or raspberry) with other natural flavours, gelling agent: pectin, lemon juice, colour: anthocyanins, paprika extract, copper chlorophylins.

3 reviews for
Mydorable Berries
Picking & Sharing

  1. 5 out of 5

    Bought some berries in the special Xmas edition.
    They are delicious (not too sweet) and make a perfect little present.
    Will buy more!

  2. 5 out of 5

    I bought these jellies for my mum. I was first attracted to the lovely packaging. The flavours were so incredible she asked for more. But i am vegan, can i take some ?

    • Hi Joy,
      Of course you can. These jellies are made of fruits and sugar. No gelatin!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I am in love with these! They are so full of flavour and lovely to have as a little treat or snack. Such pretty packaging too!

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