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To reach this intense and inimitable taste, our artisan confectioners work with the pulp of the fruits selected for their qualities and aromas.

Each fruit flavour is obtained with more than 60% of the real fruit. The cooking goes slowly, without a lid and in small quantities, in copper cauldrons. Then comes the sugar icing which brings this unusual crispy and well-structured feeling in the mouth.

An artistic & aesthetic touch brings the final touch to the product. Guaranteed without preservatives and only made with natural products, our fruit jellies are eventually cut with a guitar.

Net weight: 140g
Use by: minimum 3 months after delivery date.

Pineapple: pineapple pulp 62%
Blackcurrant: blackcurrant pulp 62%
Strawberry: strawberry pulp 62%
Mandarin: mandarin pulp 62%
Green apple: green apple pulp 62%
Lychee: fruits pulp 64% (lychee 62% and raspberry pulp 2%)
Sugar, wheat glucose syrup, gelling agent: pectin, natural flavouring, lemon juice, thickening agent: gum Arabic, cocoa butter, colouring agents: E171, E172.


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